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Eighth Annual Sustainability Conference 04/04/14  at 8:00 AM

Small Scale Wind Workshop 04/09/14  at 9:00 AM

Long Island Geothermal Energy Organization Meeting 04/09/14  at 9:00 AM

Small Scale Wind Workshop 04/10/14  at 9:00 AM

Small Scale Wind Workshop 04/11/14  at 9:00 AM

EmPower Solar Student Competition Contest Deadline 04/11/14  at 12:00 PM

Climate Justice Conference of Solutions Registration 04/12/14  at 8:30 AM


Citizens Climate Lobby - Climate Solutions Workshop  04/23/14  at 6:00 PM

Advanced Energy Conference 2014 04/28/14  at 8:30 AM

Advanced Energy Conference 2014 04/29/14  at 8:30 AM


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SunshineIsFree: Make Your Own Energy - Take advantage of PSEG Long Island's cash rebates for Solar...

Wind Works for Long Island - LI Offshore Wind Initiative - A broad partnership of local, regional, and national...

Long Island Green Homes - Find out how YOU can get assistance to retrofit your home to...


reLI's Mission
Renewable Energy Long Island (reLI), established in 2003, is a membership-based, not-for-profit organization promoting clean, sustainable energy use and generation for Long Island. reLI conducts effective outreach and education activities and provides consumer-friendly information resources such as its solar calculator and contractor locator, and publishes the Long Island GreenGuide in print and as an online edition with a green business directory.


100 Percent Renewable Energy is Here!

Right now, communities all over the world are taking energy matters into their own hands by becoming 100 percent renewable-energy powered. Many regions have not only met but surpassed their 100 percent goal using only clean, safe and local energy sources. Long Island, what are we waiting for?

Renewable Energy Long Island is gearing up to provide support to Long Island regions that are ready to go 100 percent renewable. In our first phase, we are building interest at a grassroots level by showing Long Islanders that, yes, 100 percent renewable is possible.

Stay involved with reLIs 100 percent renewable energy program by signing up for our 100 Percent Renewable Now! e-mail list.

Why go 100 Percent Renewable? 

Communities powered by renewable energy have taken control of their energy destiny.  They are no longer at the whim of spikes in traditional energy costs; they are no longer addicted to oil, coal and natural gas, which rely on dangerous extraction practices such as fracking and mountain-top removal; and they keep millions of dollars in their local economies every year instead of shipping that money out to multinational corporations in exchange for dirty fossil fuels. 

The Movement is Gaining Steam!

These regions and many, many more have already pledged to go 100 percent renewable!

In the U.S.
  • Aspen, CO - 100 percent renewable electricity by 2015
  • San Francisco, CA  100 percent renewable electricity by 2020
  • San Jose, CA  100 percent renewable electricity by 2022
See more

In Europe
  • Scotland  100 percent renewable electricity by 2020
  • Copenhagen, Denmark  100 percent carbon neutral by 2025
  • Munich, Germany  100 percent renewable electricity for households by 2015
See more

100 percent Renewable Energy for Long Island?

You read it here first:  The Long Island Clean Electricity Vision

Long Island's Solar Hot Water pioneersHave you seen our brand new
Solar Hot Water video?

Find out from Bob & Margaret what they love about their "sun-kissed" showers and what it costs to get one...

Want to Lower Your Utility Bills?

Energy Star with Home PerformanceBuilding Permonca InstituteWhat are you waiting for? Take advantage of LIPA's Home Performance with ENERGY STAR programTM.

Get your Comprehensive Home Assessment and find out how much energy and money you could save each month!

On-Bill Financing Now Available for Home Energy Efficiency Projects!

Long Island Green HomesHere's your chance to get a free or reduced-cost energy audit for your home. Many Long Islanders have already improved the insulation in their homes and are saving big on their utility bills.ᅠBest of all,ᅠfinancing just got easier! Click here to get started.

Dollar HouseHomeowners can now finance energy efficiency projects and makeᅠloan paymentsᅠwith On-Bill financing via their LIPA electric bill. NYSERDA (a NYS Authority)ᅠserves as the bank, and LIPA serves as the collector, to make payments more convenient for your new heating and cooling equipment, insulation, and air sealing. Click here for LIPA's On-Bill Financing info.

Curious about Wind Power? www.WindWorks4LI.orgOffshore Wind


Learn about verything from land-based to offshore wind power. Visit us here and track several projects that could feed the Long Island power grid with sustainable, clean energy.ᅠ And check out theᅠWind Forum Presentations hereᅠ

Installing Solar Panels for your home is easier than ever!
Find pre-screened solar contractors in seconds and request proposals online.

Solar Calculator
ContractorsRequest a FREE estimate from our pre-screened contractors with a mouse click!

Take advantage of great rebates and tax incentive programs!

Watch your meter as you start to produce your own energy and feed the grid!

Don't fret over monthly electrical bills!

Missed our Solar Tour & Green Buildings Open House?ᅠClick hereᅠand get notified of these events in the future OR watch our virtual tour of LI's coolestᅠ& greenest homes

Request a Presentation!

Curious about how to save energy, go solar, or eager to learn more about climate change and what we can do about it? reLI's speakers bureau can help your group find a speaker.

Press Releases
LIPA releases RFP; Groups Urge New York to Invest in Offshore Wind

Remembering Sandy: Urging Investment in Offshore Wind


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